Phantom Paper
4 years ago
Conversation Over Long Distance
  • Mirror: That's something I've had to learn to accept the past few years with those people... the fact that they very well could end up dead before they ended up well.
  • Phantom: All of us are haunted, by something or another. You know the song "I'm Sticking With You" that I quoted last night? It can make me sad sometimes, because I remember holding her limp hand in mine and singing that to her as she lay unconscious in her hospital bed. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever given me the degree of love and understanding that she did.
  • M: I'm tearing up right now. That is so special... to have someone like that. Even through loss, the memories are priceless and irreplaceable.
  • P: Yes, but what makes me the saddest is that those memories curl in on themselves, become something warped with time... until it's hard to know exactly what you experienced. Sometimes I freak out because I can't remember the way her laughter sounded, or the way that she smelled. And I toss myself backwards in my mind and search frantically for the memory of it.
  • P: ...when I was a child, she called me her little shadow, because I would follow her around everywhere...
  • M: I still struggle to remember the smell of my own mother, the Chantilly perfume and Salem Slim Lights on top of one another.
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